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A good friend is who does mean everything to us. We should do everything what we can do for our healthy friendship. When there is no one to help us then a true friend stand for us. Many small small things which we ignore during our friendship can hurt our friend. We should never do anything wrong that affect our friendship. Here we going to provide you the List of 50 Good Night Quotes For Friends. This list can be short but the love you will get by sending these good night quotes to your friend will be unbelievable. He/she will surely think about us that how great or how good we are. And they proud of themselves to have a friend like us. Always be kindful to your friends. Friend is the only one who can be true to you and can do everything for you. Getting a good night’s sleep is most important thing for health and the over all physical system. Lot of population suffer from the lack of sleep. So if you want your friend to be healthy and happy then you should send these good night quotes to your friend so that he/she can sleep well. Life is also full of challenges so if your friend is stressed by the work during day so you can also make him/her feel happy just by sending them funny good night quotes at night. These Good Night Quotes For Friends inspires your friend to have a good sleep so that they can rest their body and can make them ready to work for tomorrow. So read this list and send these quotes to your favorite one who want.

Good Night Crazy Quotes For Best Friends

good night quotes for friends

1. Girlfriends and Boyfriends will come
    and go in our life but true friends
    will forever with us.
    Good Night my  friends.
2. The biggest things for
     my life are my friends,
     they are always with me.
     Good night my sweet friends.
3. Success is not measured that
     how big you are. Our real success is that
     how many friends we have in our life,
    because a true friend always stands
   with us in every trouble.
   Good Night My best friend.
4. The best and real relation
     in this world is friendship.
    Because friendships love
    never cheat us. Good Night Friends.
5. Good Night My Friends,
    I am lucky because my day starts
    and ends with a text from
    a friend as lovely as you.
6. My all friends are my super heroes,
     because they are with me in every condition.
     I will never forget them. Good Night my friends.
7. Dear friend, don’t think about tomorrow,
    I will always be there to set all things.
    I am always with you…good night frnds.
8. When I spend full day with my friends
     then I have a sweet dream in night.
     my all friends are so cute. Good night.
9. In silent night when I wish my friends
    then I close my eyes and put my hand
    on my heart and remember good moments
    which i spent with them…
    good night my all sweet friends
good night quotes for friends
10. Girlfriend leaves you after some time
       but friends always stands with you
       good night frnds have a sweet dream
11. Dear God I m thankful to you
       because you gave a sweetest gift
       like as  friends good night my all friends
12. Moon is shining so bright
       I prey god that my friends achieved
      all things in their life good night friends
13. The cool breeze, shining stars
       and the silent night are wishing you
      a sweet good night to my all friends.
14.  F.R.I.E.N.D.S.:
       (F)ight for you.
      (R)espect you.
      (I)nvolve you.
     (E)ncourage you.
     (N)eed you.
     (D)eserve you and
     (S)tand by you.
     Good night my all sweet friends
16. When I loose my hope to do
      some works than my friends
      increase my courage.
      I am happy I have a a lot of friends
      good night
17. Good night my friend.
      I wish you sweet dreams
      and peaceful night.
      You are the power of me…
 18. The brightest stars in my life
        are friends who shine through
        night and day. Good night friends.
 19. I am sending you a few stars
        to brighten your night and your dreams,
        god bless you you will achieve all things in your life.
 20. I wish you a best and good night
        and send beautiful things or gifts for you.
       You lives with me always so I am so happy.
       Good night friends
 21. By this message I wish my friend
       a good night sleep. As the stars fill up
       the night sky twinkling, se as your sleep
       be filled up by lovely dreams.
       Good night friends.
good night quotes for friends
22. My sweet friends by this text
       I am wishing you a sweet good night.
      You are  the heroes of my life.
23. This quotes carries good night
       wishes for my sweetest friends who looking at it.
       Good night my all sweetest friend.
24.  When my arms can’t reach friends
        who are close to my heart, I always hug
        them with my prayers.
        My all friends are in my heart..
        Good Night
25. One and the beautiful word
       of my life is friend which gives me a lot
      of love and peace good night my friends
26. Nobody teach to fish to swim.
       Nobody teaches a heart to choose a friend like U.
       U r the cute friend of my life…Good Night…
 27. Touch your heart close your eyes
       and now I am dying you a sweet good night
       friend have a sweet dream.
28. Night is a nice gift for you
       so close your eyes then you will see
      that a mother world that is waiting for you …
      Good night love.
29. God gave me nothing i wanted.
       He gave me everything I needed like
        as you best friend..good night my cute friend
30. Dear friend when I say you a good night
       it’s not mean to end of the day.
       It’s mean that now I am going to
      sleep on my bed…good night my friend
31. Hello friend now I am sleeping.
       I want to see you in my dream so
       I close my eyes to see you in my dream.
       Good night
32. Awesome moments of our life
      that When we love someone then
      we want only to see him/her in our dreams….
      Good night friends
33. Good night Friends the morning
       is just a few moments away,
      when you wake up a lot of
      happiness is waiting for u.
34. Everyone else has already slept,
       now it’s time for you to take a break from all worries …
      good nyt my all sweet friends have a sweet dream…
      Be happy always …keep smiling always.
35. Every night is like a refresh
       button in our life. We sleep in night
      and refresh yourself.
      Good night friends.
36. Goodnight my dear friend.
       The sun is set and the moon is
       rise the stars are twinkling in the sky.
       Have a sweet dream
37. I feel happy with you my friend.
       You are my real hero of my life.
       I share my all things with you
       I miss u so much friend. Good night
38. When I say good night to special friends like you,
        I does not feel good because now you are away from me..
       Good night friend
39. I love my best friend,
       you make me happy always,
       I feel so awesome with you during the day,
      As well as in the night, Good Night My friend.
40.  I am alive because of my friends,
        I have happy because of my friends,
       my friends are everything for me
       good night my friends.
41. My dear friends don’t be think
      about the tomorrow because
      I am always with you to set things right.
      Good night friends.
42. My dear friend I think about you
       and you also think about you
       but the difference is that
      when I think about you I send you message
      and you think about me after receiving my message.
      Good night my friend.
43. Good night my friends..
      Sleep is a language of rest,
      sleep is to visualize of our dreams,
      sleep improve our mental ability
      so now you go for sleep.
44.  I am so lucky because a most careful boy
        is my best friend which care me and understand me ,,
       you are my everything good night my best friend.
45. A true friend is not a friend only.
      He is our best brother of the world
      who always with us and share everything
      with us good night friend.
46. Today night is silent, night is beautiful,
       night is quiet. Do you know?
      My night is not complete
      without wishing you a sweet good night.
47. Dear friend choose your dreams tonight,
     choose what are you want to see
     then close your eyes and now
     I am wishing you a sweet good night.
48. Boyfriends break your heart
       and Girlfriends dumps you.
      Only friends stay with you always.
      They are real teacher and parents
      for you good night friends.
49. Dear friend now stop thinking
       about all the worries people said to
       hurt your feelings. Just  hold on tightly
       someone made you smile. Gud Nyt
50. See the sky in the night our
       friendship adds a sense of character
       and glamour to our life.
       You are everything for us good night friends.
Here was the best collection of Good Night Quotes for Friends.To make your friendship bond strong then try these message.

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